Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Mifflin Mills

Mifflin Mills is Lebanon’s housing option for families who are looking for more than just another rental property.  Located in Lebanon’s historic Northside near Monument Park, Mifflin Mills brings together the best of both renting and homeownership.  These 20 three bedroom townhouses will be leased during their first 15 years, and will then be sold to their tenants.  The best part of all is that for each year’s occupancy, money will be escrowed to be used toward the eventual down payment!

With their inviting front porches and parking in the rear, Mifflin Mills’ townhomes fit right into their surrounding neighborhood.  Two of the homes feature elevators to make them fully accessible for persons with a mobility impairment, while all of these units are designed to be easily visitable by persons with handicaps or disabilities.

Construction of Mifflin Mills was completed in October 2009 and all dwellings were occupied as of December 2009. Because Mifflin Mills is a rent to own development turnover is expect to be minimal. While applications are being accepted for this development, we anticipate having very few vacancies during any year.  

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