Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Established in 1959 by the Lebanon County Commissioners, the Authority serves both the County and City of Lebanon. Board Members of the Authority are appointed by the Lebanon County Commissioners and serve both the Redevelopment Authority and the Housing Authority. Ms. Elizabeth Bowman is the Executive Director of the Redevelopment Authority.

About the Redevelopment Authority

The Redevelopment Authority administers Community Development Block Grant, HOME and other state/federal community development programs. The City of Lebanon receives about one million dollars annually of CDBG funding while the County of Lebanon received about $450,000 of Small Cities CDBG. HOME funding has been averaging about $500,000 per year.

The Authority has been instrumental in the revitalization of many areas of the County. The Southside Disaster Urban Renewal Project brought more than thirty million dollars to the City of Lebanon and a direct result of this project was that large areas of the City were protected from flooding. Among the areas developed were: the YMCA, the Library, Lebanon Valley Farmers Bank, H.A. Boyd, Bittner Blvd., the 12th Street corridor and Progress Park.

County Community Development Program sub-grants (maximum grant $50,000) are available to non-profit organizations and to most Lebanon County municipalities. Applications are usually accepted between November 15th and January 15th. Contact the Redevelopment Authority at 717-274-1401 for an application packet. Eligible activities include: street construction/reconstruction, storm and sanitary sewers, water lines, curb/sidewalk, public service and ADA modifications. All activities must benefit low and moderate income persons.

The Authority will also assist municipalities in applying for Pennsylvania Competitive CDBG funding for eligible activities. The maximum grant is $500,000. Contact the Authority for additional information.

The Redevelopment Authority carries out acquisition, relocation and clearance activities as requested by County municipalities. Through the Lebanon Valley Non Profit  Development Corporation it assists with reuse of Brownfields areas.